Long Gamma

Take it to the next level


Welcome to your video tutorial on how to use the Long Gamma floss band


!! It is not unusual that the flossing result in red stripes on your skin. Don't worry, they go away after a while. Should you, at any time during the treatment with the floss band, feel numbness or tingling, remove the floss band immediately! This can happen within the first 2-3 Minutes of the flossing. Also remove the floss band if your skin gets white as a ghost!!

And now, have fun with the videos!

1. Forearm

2. Golfer´s elbow 

3. Hip joint


4. Shoulder

5. Biceps tendon 

6. Elbow 

7. Thigh

8. Knee joint 

9. Adductors 

10. Calf 

11. Achilles tendon 

12. Ankle joint